The Beginning.

I’ve debated blogging for awhile now. But for some reason the whole concept absolutely freaks me out. Sharing my thoughts and feelings with the world. Eeek! I have a hard time acknowledging my thoughts and feelings with just myself. But at the same time, I know that I want to. I’ve known that I’ve wanted to for a long time time. I rely on the words of others in the blog world to get through life sometimes. There’s something about knowing that someone else is out there feeling the same thing you’re feeling that helps make your burden seem a little lighter.

And so I am about to become what I never dreamed I would become: a blogger. Ok, that’s not entirely true. I did have a blog once before when I was one of those “volunteers in Africa”. And after awhile, I will sheepishly admit, I started to enjoy it. I still use the filter of “how would the affect my one day political career”, you know, just in case. I wonder how anonymous I can actually keep this blog. Je ne sais pas.

And I suppose I should give you a bit of a background about who I am. Give these thoughts a bit of context. Well …

I’m 29. I did think of rounding it up to 30. Unlike most people I’m looking forward to 30. I believe that 30 is the decade in which I will start to feel like a grown-up, maybe move out of my parents house permanently (I was one of those who left early-ish and migrated back late 20s). The decade in which I’ll have a boy who decides I’m worth keeping around forever. And the decade in which I’m gonna maybe have a kid or two. But, because of all the irony in the world, despite years of wishing I was 30, I’ll probably start freaking out when I am actually turning 30. So for now I’ll be 29.

I’m an engineer. Nerdy sometimes, yes.

I’m Canadian. I feel that might be important to understanding anything I might say that are related to political or social issues. Or maybe it doesn’t.

What’s on my mind these days? Sex. Religion. Relationships. Politics. Finding a Personal Passion.

Isn’t that what’s on the mind of every 29-year-old? I always thought I was unique, but breaking down my mind like that, I guess I’m not. I hate that. I hate being ordinary, average, like everyone else. But I hate standing out at the same time.

I don’t apologize for the stream-of-consciousness these posts might become. I don’t apologize for anything I might write. I just need to write. I might edit. I might not.

And so it begins. Me. A blogger.